Bringing Your Parents to Canada – A Reality?


Building a sustainable future is the dream and ambition of most individuals. However, for most people, setting the blocks into place and nurturing the future of their parents is also an important endeavour. With the intention of migrating to Canada, you can easily fill out the application process, to create the future you’ve visualized for yourself and your parents. By simply following the parents’ sponsorship of Canada step by step procedure, you can bring your parents along with you on your journey.  

Understanding the Process

If through submitting the interest to sponsor form to the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), you’re invited to send in a complete application. Then, you can go through with the process of sponsoring your parents and grandparents to gain PR (permanent residency) in Canada. The prerequisites, are nonetheless, to support them and their dependents financially and ensure that they don’t require any form of social assistance from the government. 

Understanding the Eligibility

There is a specific set of criteria that you’re required to meet before you go ahead with the process of sponsoring your parents or your grandparents. They are as follows:

  • You should be at least or over the age of 18 years
  • You should be living in Canada
  • You should be a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident of Canada or perhaps a person registered in Canada, being an Indian under the Canadian Indian Act.
  • You’re required to possess adequate money to support the individual or the number of individuals you would like to sponsor. In doing so, you’ll be needed to show your proof of income.

The guiding parameters are, nevertheless, different for Quebec. Prior to filling out the application, the sponsor must undertake a promise, which entails the following:

  • You’ll be required to provide financial support for the sponsored individual or family for 20 years, from the date they become permanent residents.
  • You’ll be required to repay any form of provincial social assistance, the individual or family receives during the time.

While understanding the condition implied is imperative for going ahead with the process, it is also essential to understand who you can sponsor. Follow through to figure out whether your current scenario fits the bill.

  • You can sponsor your parents and grandparents, related to you by birth or adoption.
  • In the case of a separation or divorce, you can sponsor the spouses of your parents and your grandparents, or common-law and conjugal partners.
  • Only your brothers, sisters, half-brothers or half-sisters are permissible to be added in the application.

The individuals you intend to sponsor need to meet their own eligibility requirements, as the country wishes to protect its own sovereignty and safety. The parameters are as follows:

  • They should provide all the necessary documents and forms
  • They should provide any additional documents, such as medical exams, biometrics and police certificates.

Post navigating through this process, the typical parents’ sponsorship Canada processing time is 20-24 months, given your documents are complete, your fee is paid and you meet the eligibility criteria.

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