How To Find The Best Cabinet Planer On The Market


If you are reading this post, you are surely a DIY lover, or you are keen about cabinetmaking; and you are looking for one of the essential cabinet makers tools for, the cabinet planer.This working tool allows you to achieve perfectly perfect finishes on the wood, boards, hardwood, MDF and plywood. And, although it may not seem like it, you can buy a cabinet planer without spending a fortune.It is a tool that helps both a cabinets maker to use it professionally and a handyman at home.

What Is An Electric Cabinet Planer

The wood thinly slides through the machine; this is the big difference with the manual electric brush. Both the planer and the electric brush are classified within the group of power tools for wood. Also called tillage, its main function is to “plan or flatten” wooden surfaces, the action of the planer on the flat face of the piece of wood is called “planned” but if the part work is the side is called “edging”. This cabinet planer is appropriate in cabinetmaking. It is when the cabinet maker works on the pieces of wood to make cabinets. 

Cabinet Planer: How To Solve Tearing Issues

It is an essential working tool in a woodworking workshop that allows you to do many tasks such as level the rough wood, clean the sawn edges and recover used boards. There is nothing better than a planer when you have to smooth and mill the boards with an exact thickness. However, now we will show you how to solve the most common problems that can occur, such as “tearing”.

Avoid Tearing

The tear occurs when a board is inserted into the planer with the wrong end forward. The blades adhere to the wood fibers that rise and tear them instead of cutting them. You can decide which end is to be introduced into the planer by inspecting the grain (or, more exactly, the direction of the fibers). When brushing the large surface of the board, look at the fibers at the narrowest edge.

When you have to brush the edges, inspect the wide side of the piece, in raw wood, pass your hand over the piece of wood and detect the direction of the fibers, you will notice them soft in one direction and rough in the other. Make sure you put the piece in such a way that the smooth surface of the fibers moves forward, you will find some woods that can be brushed in both directions. It is advisable to remove a small amount of wood in each pass; about 1/32 inch.

Note: When working with a cabinet planer machine and power tools, the cabinet maker is exposed to various hazards. We suggest taking the necessary safety measures to prevent any hazardous accidents. 

Choose the best cabinet planer with the best price-quality ratio. Brands such as Bosch, Makita, Einhell, Silverline, DeWalt or Wahuda Tools have the best-selling cabinet planers and tools on the market.

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