What Is Large Format Printing? Which Company Is Best In It?


It wasn’t long ago when large format printing business was a costly one. Some companies associated with this business used to charge premium prices against their services. However, in recent years, as digital technology has advanced tenfold, large format printing services are available at an affordable price. 

How Large Format Printing Services Help Businesses?

Large format printing, or in other words, wide form printing accommodates well large projects that require specialized equipment in printing such as posters, charts, huge maps, in-store exhibition, trade show wall panels, banners, large-scale advertisements like building wraps and much more.

Whether you want to capture the attraction of masses, show detailed information by making use of the ample space or have other purposes in mind, large format printing enables that. Unlike conventional printing presses that have limitations when it comes to the size of the print, modern presses like Boston Banner Printing use high definition large format digital printers to print the size you want. While a typical office printer can print up to 14” wide paper, large format printers can accommodate up to 16 feet. The print quality standard is ever-increasing. This means rich colors and high-resolution image reproduction. But the superior advantage is large format printers are faster and easy to afford.  These can print out 5m long vinyl banners in one piece rapidly and at a much lower cost than one would think.

List Of Large Format Printing Products

When it comes to large format printing options, the sky is the limit. A company offering large format printing services should supply you with every product you need to promote your business.  The popular large format print products are listed below:

  • PVC vinyl banners: These are considered under hard-wearing and water-resistant banner types. PVC vinyl banners are usually 5m long and are supported with eyelets for hassle-free hanging. Whether you’re promoting your brand or a product, PVC vinyl banners are a great way to achieve that.
  • Self-adhesive vinyl: This banner category is ideal for creating a significant impact, indoor or outdoor. These produce vinyl graphics that are attention-getting and are posted on walls, windows and/or hoardings.
  • See-through window graphics: These are produced using a series of dots that contains a black coating on the inside, these graphics allow the viewers inside to see out. But, the difference is those present outside can only see your advertising or image; they can’t see in.
  • Roll-up banner stands: These have a reputation of portable promotional tools and are displayed everywhere from retail or offices to stores and event venues.

Get Your Banner Made From The Best Printing Sevices In Bostom

Experts at Boston Signs and Printing, the #1 printing firm in Massachusetts, offer an extensive range of large format printing services. Notably, all of the large format printing products created there display vibrant colors and high-quality image reproduction at reasonable prices. Plus, the turnaround times are quick. The result it customers leave with a smile.

Contact them today via to promote your business tomorrow.

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