7 Common Kitchen Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

Kitchen renovation can add a lot of value to your house and enhances its aesthetic appeal. However, if you are planning to remodel your kitchen, it is important to have a good budget in mind to ensure an impeccable kitchen space. You can either hire a professional designer or take this responsibility in your own hands. In case you decide to do it yourself, appropriate planning is required to make sure that everything goes smoothly and according to the plan. There are some very common mistakes that you should avoid while remodeling your kitchen.

1.    Open Shelving

Don’t get fascinated by the open shelves in the magazines. They might look very appealing in the picture but not in real life. Unorganized dishes and mismatch crockery will dull the overall tone of your kitchen. They might catch dust every other day causing you the extra work.  

Create organize close spaces as the storage space and properly allot their space in the kitchen.If you want to go for a sleek look, glass door cabinets are the perfect material to choose, keep the crockery clean and streamlined.

2.    Selection of the Wrong Countertop

Most people love the look of marble in their space, but they overlook the fact that countertops are high-maintenance. Marble is brittle and porous and requires frequent cleaning. Quartz, on the other hand, is a suitable choice as it does not stain easily and is more durable.

Kitchen Renovation

3.    Position of the Dishwasher

A well-tailored design can save you from a lot of hassle. It will be a headache if you place the dishwasher away from the sink. Your floor will get wet while carrying the dishes to the dishwasher. Not only will it be an effort to do the dishes but it will also waste a lot of your energy.

4.    Not Enough Lightening

This is the most overlook feature that needs serious attention. Make sure your kitchen has proper lighting as you don’t want to cook in a place with barely any lights.

To show off your beautiful remodeling or crockery collection, install spotlight task lighting for cooking your meal, softer and subtle lighting for dining areas. Good lighting will shift the tone of the place and will add an extra soothing ambiance to it.

 5.    Design Decision

Don’t pick designs and materials based on the way they look in the showroom, as they may look different depending on the tone of your kitchen. Before committing to a design, bring along the samples with you to match it with the ambiance of your kitchen. Also, you should consider testing the samples under lighting and see if they look any different.

Bonus tips:

Using the unique color splash can make a kitchen brighter, but be careful to use too many of them, or your kitchen will look like a kid’s nursery. Instead, use monotone color and accessorize it by using an abstract painting, sculpture or something minimal to infuse colors.

6.    Overlooking Ventilation

Ventilation is particularly important in a west open kitchen; where cooking odors may persist if it is not immediately sucked out.  Ducted extractors are more effective than charcoal filters and the way the canal lines up from your extraction hood to the open space.

7.    Overloading the Space

When you’re remodeling your dream, trying to fit in everything can be tempting. But before you squeeze in everything in a limited space, schedule the daily traffic flow to ensure the space of maneuver. Keep every move of your room in mind to ensure the best possible remodeling. Don’t overwhelm a space and cluster it with appliances, as there are variant designs and layouts available for the fitting of your kitchen. Explore before you choose.

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