Everything You Need To Know About Candelaria Turquoise

Several turquoise mines, lie on Candelaria Hills in South-West Nevada. Candelaria turquoise is extracted from the silver mine, which belongs to the Silver Standard Company and is extracted occasionally because the area has been mainly used for the mining of gold and silver since the mid-1800s.

Candelaria’s produced Turquoise can compete with some of the world’s best ones. It is usually formed in thin veins with a blackened, brown, or red matrix from electric blue to slight greens.

Candelaria turquoise has a red web color featuring the dark blue hue. Among the merchants of stones, it is very rare and popular. The area also produces lovely spinal varicose veins, which are very precious.

Physical Appearance

The turquoise Candelaria is famous for its vivid, electric blue tone. The matrix varies with a moderate spider weft from reddish-brown to black. The rarest stones of Candelaria have gold in the matrix.

The Turquoise Candelaria is a premium quality light-blue stone, usually with a black or brown sporadic matrix. The Candelaria Hills also provides some of Varascite’s most appealing, coming from a large variety of colors. The stone is tough, with high silica content. The mine generates one of the most unique and magnificent stone patterns.


In an area near to Tonopah, in Candelaria Hills, the stone was mined by Candelaria Turquoise. Throughout mineral literature, the region was known primarily for precious metal mining. The Turquoise was found usually in thin veins in this area and is often recognized for its exquisite nearly electric blues matrices. The bright Blue Diamond Turquoise used in embossed and Navajo jewelry surpassed some of the content. Over the years, Turquoise has been very periodically produced in the Candelaria area. It is mined alongside the gold and silver mineral, which, in Nevada’s history, made the Candelaria mining popular.

Originally in 1863, mining companies began to operate heavily in the early 1870s. Candelaria was then one of the places with intense weather conditions with its strong wind, high temperatures, and no law enforcement. With its low Turquoise production, Candelaria was known and still accessible for its fine varicite of small mines. Candelaria Turquoise was once again seen in the market in recent years.

Final Word

A stunning electric blue turquoise combined with red spider web has been added together with a shiny blue material from ancient catalogs and is now cut into fine jewelry. Such gemstones rival the Persian Turquoise and Bisbee Turquoise of high quality. Candelaria Turquoise is once again blooming the jewelry industry with its beautiful varisce spider and a beautiful deep blue turquoise.

In recent years, Candelaria Turquoise is now one of the most collectible and coveted Turquoise in the world. Exceptional material has been produced recently into the sealed Candelaria pit. The finest Turquoise is now so inaccessible in part of the mine, as it has become very rare and is it’s not often available due to the closing of the mines. 

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