Why Do You Need Software Support and Maintenance?

Rarely will you encounter an organization where software isn’t an important aspect of their daily operations. Whether it’s a startup with a simple WordPress website or a multinational firm with an e-commerce store along with logistics solutions, every business depends on software to ensure smooth and streamline operations.

Imagine what if the software breaks down and stops working? Will you be able to keep everything afloat? Your entire system will come crashing down, and you’ll be wondering what went wrong! Therefore, the support and maintenance of the software is just as important as its construction.

IT is the one industry which gets updated more often than any other sector because of the latest technological advancements that happen every day. These innovations improve the overall solution efficiency to streamline business operations. And if a problem occurs, then the sooner this problem is resolved, the better as it can cause system downtime which in turn hampers productivity.

Therefore, effective system management and support is required to keep the business operations running seamlessly with high-end-efficiency.

But before we explain why software support and maintenance is necessary, you must understand what software support and maintenance is in the first place.

What is Software Support and Maintenance?

Unlike software development, software support is the activity that takes place once the software is made. It keeps the software up and running by eliminating errors and applying advanced development. A software development agency can take up to 1-2 years to design custom software for you, but software maintenance is an ongoing process that can sometimes go on for more than 20 years. 

To make things simpler; software maintenance is divided into different categories that are as follows:


This is the basic category where errors are detected and fixed in the existing software to keep the operations running smoothly.


Here the already existing elements and functionalities are fine-tuned by optimization.


This sort of maintenance assists the software in keeping the bugs and errors at bay – preventing the system from any upcoming vulnerabilities.


This sort of maintenance keeps the system compatible with the changing business environment.

Why Software Needs Maintenance and Support?

Performance Boosting

Right now, the market is as competitive as it could ever get. There is cut-throat competition out there. If your business fails to come up to the customer’s expectations, they won’t wait for a second in moving to another service provider who happens to be your business rival. Therefore, you need to match your pace with the ever-increasing demands and changes, which is the biggest reason for Software Support and Maintenance. Every day new features are introduced, and if your app or website doesn’t have the latest feature that your business rivals have, you will lose potential as well as existing customers. Therefore, your software needs support and maintenance to enhance work patterns, upgrade hardware, and optimize software platforms.

Removal of Outdated Functions

When you’re adding new features, then there must be few features that have become obsolete, and having them on your website or app will give customers the perception that their service provider is still living in the dark ages. By using software maintenance, you can remove all such features that give your business a bad name. You should always keep an eye out for the latest features and tools that your business rivals are offering and try to add the same onto your app or web to keep up with the competition.

Bug Fixing

This is where it comes down – the real reason why software support and maintenance came into being in the first place was to fix bugs and errors that are causing trouble in your system. Software testers will run your software through different scenarios to identify all the existing errors so they can be eliminated. These issues can occur in the hardware as well. Therefore, it becomes mandatory to opt for software support and maintenance services as these are end-to-end services that will check all the functionalities without disrupting the rest of the business operations.

If you are looking for Software support and maintenance solutions for your system, then you’ve come to the right place. Open Ascension will provide end-to-end software support and services that will fix errors, remove old features, and add the latest tools to provide an excellent customer experience.

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