Downsizing Auctions An Alternative To Buy A Property

For the purchase of the real estate, in the real estate and downsizing market, there are several forms of business, and among them are:

  • The traditional sale.
  • The exchange.
  • The legal auctions.
  • The auctions and the real estate downsizing auctions.

In the modality of real estate downsizing auctions, Kelowna Estate owns the best team of estate and downsizing specialists that lead the market.

 Kelowna Estate is a company that works “in a slightly different way than the conventional real estate companies” since “it works by offering the lowest possible price to the market.”

Estate and downsizing specialists for you!

If you are interested in investing in real estate, you can choose to take advantage of real estate downsizing auctions, which offer you the properties at the best prices. There are estate and downsizing specialists that offer properties for different uses: homes, offices, premises, warehouses, among others. Through the downsizing auctions, there is an opportunity for investors from large and medium-sized companies to buy real estate for urban, commercial, or industrial development.

Pro tip: Acquiring real estate via downsizing auctions with a 40 or 60 percent discount guarantees the investment’s maximum profitability.

Downsizing auctions for cost reduction

As we all know, traditional auctions consist of a product being offered and buyers bidding each time with a higher price until no buyer bids, and the one who has offered the most money keeps the product. Unlike these auctions, in downsizing auctions, several sellers or suppliers offer a product or service to a buyer. The sellers set the price, and the buyer chooses the offer that suits him best.

Downsizing auctions: efficiency and efficacy 

Downsizing auctions when negotiating with suppliers are very important. And with time, they will become essential since they successfully fulfill their main objective, reducing expenses to the company. 

This, to companies, is not difficult to transfer. The buyer, in downsizing auctions, takes command by looking for the best offer. The purchasing managers of each company create the downsizing auction describing all the needs they have, and the platform becomes a mediator to get suppliers to participate in said auction. The buyer, meanwhile, will be able to follow the bid secondarily, observing the offers that the suppliers offer. These offers will be less and less.

In summary, suppliers will offer the most adjusted prices that they can afford when faced with a need to purchase a specific service or product. In other words, a brilliant strategic task to enhance cost reduction. But not only has this, also, this system offered us help to improve and optimize exchanges between buyers and sellers.

Downsizing auctions and their advantages

The downsizing auction systems represent a relatively new cost management tool that offers several advantages that traditional auctions did not achieve.

The main advantage of downsizing auctions is the price reduction. As we have seen, in downsizing auctions, suppliers compete with each other to get the most competitive price and sell their product or service to a buyer. This will be especially beneficial for the buyer because the prices will never go up, the bid will go down.

Trading time in downsizing auctions decreases. 

These auctions have a certain time, and once the stipulated time is over. The buyer will obtain the best offers that the suppliers have offered.

In downsizing auctions, you are closer to the real market prices. When it comes to competing between suppliers, they give you a clearer and closer view of the market reality prices.

Thanks to downsizing auctions, extra negotiations are avoided. When negotiating traditionally with suppliers, you can get an extra negotiation or some kind of agreement in most cases. On the contrary, in downsizing auctions, you negotiate only for the established product or service. 

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