Air Bearings – Durability and Crash Resistance

When you speak of precision manufacturing, the first image that pops into your mind is Air bearings. The two go hand in hand when it comes to durability and crash resistance. Air bearings provide safe and reliable conveyance, manufacturing, and inspection stages.

The Perks Of Not Having Any Contact

The design advantage of air bearing over other kinds is that its surface has a thin film of air in between, a no-contact phenomenon. It makes it so much more useful wherever its functionality is needed.

In contrast, the conventional bearings, be it roller or ball, have close contact, and have numerous risk factors. Suppose a bearing gets locked during an inspection stage. It brings all the processed to a halt and can also damage the product which was being transferred. Almost all the traditional bearings suffer from these risk factors.

Air bearings vs. Traditional bearings

Standard bearing generates an air cushion by having a combination of orifices or grooves. There is an air cushion generated by it. However, these are not durable. These grooves generate an uneven pressure, which can cause damages and a fatal crash of the whole operation.

It has also been reported that these grooves get filled with particles over time and gets clogged. You can only imagine what will result from a failing bearing and how destructive it can be!

The After-Effects When A Bearing Crashes

The results of a crashed bearing can become a financial burden, and time is constraining for the business. A grove that is scratched affects the accuracy in precision and can become inoperable.

If it were replaced by Air Bearings powering a conveyor belt, the air would have escaped, and the bearing would have settled on the guide surface. No damage or loss resulted!

The Question Of Durability

There are several reasons why a contact bearing will get weared out with time. Spalling is when the metal’s outer layer is wormed out, the softer metal inside starts shredding off. Some of the other reasons why a contact bearing can fail is because of water.

As a result of any factor, there can be water drawn into the bearing. It will gradually erode the bearing from the inside until it stops functioning. Also, if a vacuum is created in the bearing, it will break the seals and give way to other contaminants into the bearing race.

In comparison, the air bearing tends to last a significant period, operating at the top condition and full functionality. It is always advisable for you to get air bearings as they are the most resistant to crashes and stands for 100 % durability.

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