How to Have Fun with Award Winning Beers

Beer days are always fun and exciting. Whether you’re drinking a pit with your friends at a local pub or pouring out from a keg at a party, beers uplift your mood and make every event even better. The reason why you feel instant happiness on drinking beer is because it releases dopamine in your brain which is the hormone responsible for making you feel happy and warm.

According to many studies in the recent years, drinking beer has potential benefits. According to various beer news, light or moderate quantity of beer intake can actually result in improved heart health, reduced risk of heart diseases and calories and minimize the risks of brain conditions like Alzheimer, depression or dementia. Certain studies also prove that light beer days might result in prevention of diabetes type 2 and enhancement in blood sugar control which is beneficial for diabetic patients. 

So are you eager to enjoy a glass full of beer already? If yes, here are a few things you can blend in together with a glass of award winning beers to make your experience more exciting and fun.

  1. Beer tourism:

Have you ever heard of wine tasting? Well beer tourism is quite similar to wine tasting however this time you visit local pubs and bars to taste their award winning beers. This experience can be unique and fun as it requires you to visit new places and meet new crowds who you might not know from before. You also get to taste what the locals like and try out things that might not be available in your region.

  • Movie night with beer:

So are you too tired to go out, and feel like staying the night indoors? Another way you can spend quality time and drink beer as well, can be movie night with beer. Beers keep your body warm and mind fresh. Which is why it makes a tasty beverage that goes with movies. I personally recommend you having some beer while watching a horror movie with your loved ones.

  • Prepare for marathons:

According to early researches, drinking non-alcoholic beer before marathons can result in reduced risk of airway infections that are caused by exercise. After a marathon, beer seem to decrease the number of upper airway infections runners might get.

  • Make fluffy beer waffles:

This one might sound weird, but according to various beer news and cooking channels, adding club soda to waffle and pancake batters might result in the outcome being fluffy and full of flavors. Many chefs out there have released killer recipes like Belgian Waffles etc.

  • Tenderize meat:

Everyone is probably aware of delicious combination of bacon and beer at a bbq party. But have you ever tried pouring a can of award winning can or beard all over the freshly cut meat and let it marinate over night. The beer will soften your meet and give it a nice juicy flavor.

Although nothing beats the traditional round of beer with the boys, its always nice to keep mixing and spicing things up for a nice beer day.

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