Here’s how You Should Use A Dab Rig If You’re New To The Game

There are many ways in which you can use up cannabis products; however, there is one that you might have or haven’t heard of. The seemingly favorite in the cannabis community, dabbing, requires skills to execute correctly. Quite daunting for anyone, even smokers who have spent their time with a seasoned bong, find it out of their league.

Time to help you master the dabbing game, here’s a freshers guide that gonna put everything in front of you on how to use a dab rig.

What’s a Dab Rig?

For those of you who don’t know, a dab rig is essentially a bong pipe filled with marijuana oil concentrates used for smoking. Different from the regular bongs, it does not require fire to create the smoking vapors. A mini dab rig is capable of producing more vapors than a bong. Moreover, you can find quite some exciting flavors giving you a better taste that is odor-free.

What Goes into Making a Dab Rig?

The basic components of a dab rig are nail, glass piece, dabber tool, and torch lighter. Of all, the nail is the most vital component, as it helps to form vapors. Therefore, it must be heated up as soon as possible, moreover, be able to hold the heat for a bit longer. The most ordinary nails are made of Glass, Ceramic, Quartz, Titanium, and E-nails.  

How to Use a Dab Rig Explained:

Get Everything Prepared

Starting of your dabbing, you need to first obtain the cannabis oil like resin, hash, etc. Alongside, the dab rig and a small torchlight must be ready in front of you.

Light up your Specimen

Once everything is in place as it should be, blow up your torch to heat the dab rig. Keep the heating to a minimum, as too much of it can damage the article. The preferred range is between350 to 600 Fahrenheit. 

Allowing the Nail to Cool Down

Followed by heating your nail to red hot, it must be allowed to cool down enough to take a dab. You literally don’t want your dab to be piping hot!  

Start Your Dabbing!

With the help of a dabbing tool, dipper into the cannabis extract and put it on the nail. Place the mouthpiece on your mouth and inhale. The dipper must rotate as you inhale.

Safely Store Your Tools

The end of your dabbing session calls for peacefully storing the dab rig and other equipment away from pets and underage people.

These steps will guide you on how to make your cannabis smoking session lit. Now that you have read this guide get the Best Dab Rig from the top manufacturers and start dabbing like none other.

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