Come To Cigar Country – Top 6 Cigar Bars In DC Worth Visiting

There something worth pondering when sipping your beer and puffing up a cigar, more likely to be serene. However, there are some rules and regulations that we must abide by, hence prevent smoking out in the public. This is where Cigar lounges in DC have come quite a long way. All the cigar smokers out there know that one day the ban on public cigar smoking will be lifted, until that time comes, these lounges or bars will come quite handy.

On a positive note, you can find some really good cigar bars in DC that remind you of the smoky peaty culture that once existed. All you have to do is find a guide like this and know where the right lounge is situated near you.

Casa De Montecristo

If you are a crazy fan of the complete smoke occluded environment, then this cigar and whisky bar is definitely for you. Packed with the best stuff, this lounge has some of the top bottles stacked for you to drink and stogies from reputed manufacturers.

Casa De Montecristo’s lounge is perfect for comfy seating and chit chatting with friends or even random people. The lounge’s perfect ventilation system keeps it from getting warm and dirty when the house is full.

Highland Cigar Bar

What better way can you find for enjoying your cigars and whiskey with sports? That’s what the deal of Highland Cigar bar. This cigar lounge in DC packs the customers on enjoying some premium grade cigars, while relaxing and watching a good sports match on high definition.

Maduro Cigar Bar

If you are somewhere in Madison for the weekend, just type on Google, the best Cigar Lounge near me, and you’ll get Maduro’s name on the top. They are offering supreme quality cigars that you can enjoy after getting settled on their comfy couches. The staff lets you select your alcohol preference just like a King!

Havana Club

The awesome city of DC has way more to offer in the form of Havana Club. Indeed, a magnificent place to let your stress out, while indulging in friendly gossips with people around you, you can smoke and drink as long as you want, without any disturbance. They even have a dance floor where you can rock on or do a salsa while getting down to the beat.

Nevertheless, if you’re that kind of person who loves to party solo, then you can leave everyone behind, sit back and relax on the lounge’s leather chairs.

Getting all comfortable and lighting up, these cigar bars have gained quite some popularity due to their poised lounges and the quality of cigars that are otherwise difficult to find. If by chance you do not get the chance of smoking in your own home or out in the public, you can always make your way to these cigar bars in DC and have a premium cigar and whisky experience.

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