8 Tips for Online Therapy

The outbreak of COVID 19 has got us all restricted to our home with nothing much to do and nowhere to go; our mental health has been in chaos. Due to extensive social distancing people all over the world has digitalized everything, we are taking online classes, consulting online doctors for mild cough and flu, similarly for our therapy we prefer taking online sessions. Online therapy is the key to stay sane in these uncertain times. There is no denying to the fact that for most of the people today, therapy is a useful tool to process, comprehend and deal with their destructive emotions. Getting through the anxious and depressive period is not easy without any professional mental support. To maintain sanity, there is nothing better than getting online help. 

The advent of technology has transformed the healthcare system for us; digitalization has made everything so much better and more convenient today. Online therapy is one of the earliest implications of virtual health care. For the therapist, offering in-person session is essential, particularly when the patient needs it. Today people all over the world are receiving excellent feedback regarding the online counseling as they have been providing exceptional services with regards to keeping us all sane.

Most importantly, people today are pretty comfortable with advanced technology; therefore, it makes it much easier for them to adapt to online counselling and therapy sessions. However, it is still essential to ensure that when you plan to shift to virtual meetings from the in-person meetings, you get the maximum benefits of the new delivery method.

Moreover, the continuous confinement to the houses has made the survival of the people living in abusive marriages much more challenging. In such cases, family therapy comes pretty handily, the online sessions with such therapists help the family stay relatively saner than in the regular days. Things would have gotten pretty out of hands if people did not know where to rant and how to deal with their abusive partners. The online family therapy provides a couple counseling and tries to fix the marital issues of the couple. 

If you already have a therapist, then you may face issues in shifting to the virtual therapy sessions. However, if quarantine has forced you to take this step, then it may be easier for you to start an online therapy. Nevertheless, whatever the case is, we have some exciting tips for you to make your online therapy sessions easy and more convenient for you.

Benefits of Online family Therapy

If you and your family are struggling in your relationships and quarantine has made it much worse, then its time you consult an online therapist. However, there is no denying to the fact that in such cases, even consulting an online session seems like a big task. You are most likely to get more frustrated with your family members looking for the different therapists and trying to find the one best therapist that can get all the family members the services that they want. Moreover, if someone in your family is dealing with severe mental issues such as borderline personality and anxiety issues, then they are more likely to suffer from additional stress. Going to therapy for them translates into a significant effort which often triggers their negative emotions.

In such problematic conditions, online therapy becomes pretty easy; booking appointments becomes much flexible and easier for everyone. You do not have to make a call or personally go to the office to make an appointment; your online counselor is just a click away. The best thing about online therapies is you do not have to skip your offices and work to go to the online session. All you have got to do is to zoom into your session, and you are good to go. Video chats and conferencing allow you and your family members to participate equally and efficiently. Discussing all your issues in one place can help you solve much of your problems. Moreover, you can get your other geographically distant family members online too. The online session allows you to speak from the comfort of your home, and in case you tend to lose control of your emotions, you can have a detailed crying session without being embarrassed about it.

 Tips for Online Therapy

1) Give Space to Your Therapist too

Just like going online is a first time for you; similarly, it is your therapist’s first experience too. If you were in therapy before then you might have been accustomed to the regular counseling practice. This may include a couch and a chair where you sat on or maybe lay down as well for your comfort and explain your heart out to your therapist. Whereas things are pretty different online or when you are at home, as everything feels out of whack. As strange as it is for you, you must also realize that your therapist is adjusting too.

Make sure you are looking for some quiet place to settle in and talk about your issues; you may want to have some privacy in your house. Your bedroom could be the safest place in such case. You and your therapist have been home for quite a long time with little to no difference in the professional and the personal live, so it may feel a little weird in the start. However, that’s okay, everyone is adjusting today, and it is odd for both of you. In this scenario the best approach is to talk to your therapist and figure it out together.

2) Research Extensively

If it is your first time taking counseling, then it is better to be prepared on your side and research as extensively as you can. Ask around your friends and family, ask about their experience and how they have benefited from the online session. The more information you have about your therapist, the better it will be.

The best part of the online therapy session is you can get it on your time; you do not need to change your schedule for someone else. Your therapist will adjust to your timetable. Moreover, the tip of looking for the best therapist is to research about it in your social circle. In the current era, we all are looking for some external help that can keep us going for the whole day. Therefore, there is a possibility; you may have a friend who is already taking such sessions from the therapist. Ask about their experience with them; they can help you make an informed decision.

3) Make it a Priority

Do not let anything postpone your online sessions with your therapist. Just like you schedule your Face Time session with friends and carve out your meeting time to discuss your issues, similarly, you have to ensure you are taking time out of your busy schedule to give time to your therapist. The online sessions are easier to cancel; all you have to do is send an email to your therapist and voila! You have got the day to yourself only. But that’s not an appreciative approach; it is vital to carve out some time of your busy schedule and go for the therapy.

Moreover, make sure you are focused on your therapist and block off enough time, after all, if they are dedicating some time off their schedule to you, then it is your responsibility to return the favor.

4) Look for the Comfortable Space

Your house should be a safe place, but it is often not. People often are more disturbed in their homes as compared to the therapist office. On the other hand, some people enjoy more and are more snugly in their homes as it allows them to be themselves, and they can be pretty candid with their words too.

If you have kids, you can have your partner watch your kids, or maybe you can send them over to their friends so they give you a little privacy and you can be on your own. If you think your house is not a safe place, then you may need to go on a walk, put on your earphones or maybe rest in your car. You can get really creative with your ways while you are home taking online sessions.

5) Hide your front Camera

You are more likely to be distracted if your front camera is on, while you are at the office you do not have a mirror, right? To see your reflection there and talk to yourself? While you are taking online sessions, the best approach is to hide your front camera, the more you will see yourself, the more you will be distracted.

It helps you focus on what’s essential rather than nitpicking your flaws. If you are always looking at yourself, picking out your faults, thinking about how to fix your skin issues and threading your eyebrows, then what is the point? You have all day to yourself to pamper your skin and hair, focus on what is more important right now, which is dealing with your therapist.

6) Jot down a few Notes

Make sure you have a list of questions ready on the paper before your appointment; think about all the things that you want to discuss and make a few notes as well. It will help you with addressing all your questions timely. If you are still not sure where to start from, then think about what is bothering you? Jot down your feelings and any changes that you have been noticing all along. If you have trouble sleeping, or if you are eating less/ a lot, then you must discuss it with your therapist. You may have some underlying mental issues; your counselor will be able to diagnose the real cause of it.

7) Be Persistent

You cannot expect the result of your counseling in a day or two; it is a long time process which requires you to be consistent. You may feel weird on your first session, but with time, when your comfort level develops, you get a little comfier and start discussing the things that you would not have addressed otherwise. After 2- 3 weeks, if you think you are still not very comfortable, then you should discuss it with your therapist, they can ease out the whole session for you. And along with your therapist, you can work to address the main issue.

8) Check your Gadgets First

Make sure you have a stable internet connection, and all your gadgets are in working condition. Moreover, check with your counselor which platform do they prefer, Zoom, Skype or whatever.  Keep your gadgets charged, the last thing that you would want during the session is your gadgets giving up on you. It’s good to have a backup device, so it’s better to connect with your provider by phone. For example, if you lose Wi-Fi or your laptop crashes, you have something to rely on.

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