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6 Best Water Softeners for Home

There is no denying to the fact soft water has multiple benefits over the hard waters, but the water delivered to most of our homes is usually comprised of hard minerals. Various water softeners for home exist to solve this problem but choosing the best from them is a tough choice. Even though all the options will result in minimizing the mineral content in your water to leave you with the soft water.

One of the many questions that cross our mind is what is the best water softener for the home? To help you decide we are going to briefly discuss each of the water softeners and establish their pros and cons. After going through the blog, you would know which ones the best water softener for home use.

Salt-Based Water Softeners

These are the traditional kind of water softener that many people are accustomed to. They are meant to supply soft water to a whole house and feature high rates of flow. A resin inside this system attracts calcium and magnesium for your water and replaces them with the sodium ions in a process called ion-exchange. When your resins run out of positively charged sodium ions to exchange for the hard minerals in your water, you have a chance to regenerate the resin using salt.

The best thing about these softeners is that it completely removes hard water minerals and have a pretty long lifespan. The biggest drawback of these softeners is that it requires weekly maintenance and will need to buy bags of salt regularly.

Salt-Free Water Softeners

These systems do not require the same continual maintenance that the ion-exchange systems, mainly because they do not need salt or regeneration. The reason why they are the Best Water Softener for Home is they do not actually eradicate the hard minerals from waters. Instead, this system neutralizes them to prevent them from sticking together and creating the build-up that leads to hard water. They can be pretty hard on the pocket initially but in the long run if you see they are financially manageable.

The salt-free water softeners do not need any maintenance, does not add sodium to the water, and most importantly, they can easily filter out the other impurities. The downside of these softeners is they are expensive and do not really remove hard minerals.

Portable Water Softeners

They are the best water softener system for home as they make it possible to have soft water wherever you go. If you are a frequent traveller, then this is something that you must get. They do not really need electricity and can go for several weeks between regeneration. In case you need to renew a portable water softener all you would need is a bit of the table salt. No extra tools will be required to complete this process. 

 One of its pros is they are compact and soft and perfect for the travel trailers and RVs. However, they do not provide enough water for the whole house, and usually, they are salt-based systems.

Shower Head Water Softener

Water softener system for a home can be pretty costly as most of them are designed to supply soft water to the whole house; for many people, it is one of the best investment. Nevertheless, the shower head softeners make it much more affordable to get many benefits of using soft water. Your skin and hair will be much better and healthier. Moreover, your house will be sleek clean too, without any hard water spots. 

These water softeners can be installed pretty smoothly; all you have to do is unscrew your old shower and screw on the new one. The use of cartridge filters can condition your water and remove unwanted minerals. However, you would need to change the filters every two months.

The best thing about these softeners is that they are easy to install and pretty inexpensive. On the other hand, they only provide soft water to the shower and can contain unwanted additives.

Reverse Osmosis Water Softeners

They are not generally known as the water softeners, but they strip the water of all the substances which include hard water causing minerals like magnesium and calcium. These systems also feature extra steps to re-introduce the healthy minerals into the water that means your water will still have a few minerals in them. These systems are generally built for the under the sink installation; such unis will often give their own faucet which will purify your tap water. Moreover, they also use the high pressure to force the water through an RP membrane as It filters down to the microscopic levels. You can further feed the water with the help of many other filters on the way to ensure all the water impurities are removed.

These water softeners provide healthy drinking water when minerals are re-introduced and have unlimited RO water on tap. However, they can be pretty hard on the pocket and provide soft water to one faucet only.

Magnetic Water Softeners

The Magnetic water softener is the best water softener system for home which  is relatively new on the market, and are advertised as a water softener alternative since they do not remove the hard mineral. Same as the salt-free systems, the magnetic water conditioners are used to neutralize the hard mineral to separate them from the bonding together, which keeps them absolutely soluble. It means you can get all the benefits of soft water, but these systems are quite affordable. The magnetic water softeners are easy to install, and you will not have to cut any pipes or even turn the water tap off. Instead, you will just need to wrap them around your existing pipes, and the magnetic field will condition the water going through. However, you must be mindful of the fact that you may need to wire them in your home’s electric so keep that in your mind.

They are pretty affordable, provide easy installation, and the best thing about them is you will not have to cut any pipes. However, the drawback of these water softeners is it only neutralizes mineral and do not remove them moreover; they need electricity.

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