5 Fast Roadside Assistance Companies That You Can Contact In Case Of An Emergency

Has it ever occurred to you that your car broke down in the middle of nowhere? It may be a flat tire, an empty tank, or a dead battery that needs jump-starting. In such a situation, it’s best to get in touch with roadside assistance fast, before anything bad could happen.

Talking about road assistance companies in Livonia, there are many companies that market their services to the utmost level. But the question is, how do we really get to select the right one, on what basis? Here are 5 best roadside assistance companies that you can contact in case of an emergency.


Ranking amongst the fast roadside assistance providers is Mach1. This company is ready to dispatch help on your way when your car breaks down, and you’re stranded on the roadside. They provide assistance in the form of car repairs, flatbed towing service, and fuel refilling. For those who want to benefit from this company’s services can download their application on smartphones, giving the flexibility of signing up for the membership program. Once you download their application, you don’t need to pay for the registration fees. This means that you will only get charged once you require their services.


The Allstate motor club is known for its wide range of roadside services. From fuel refilling to having beneficial plans, you can have plans for every kind of vehicles like SUVs, vans, and other four-wheelers. The company, however, does not entertain two-wheelers like motorcycles and trailers.

ARNAZ Towing & Roadside Service

Situated in the city of Livonia, MI, ARNAZ towing offers 24/7 fast roadside assistance. They even provide flatbed towing to fuel delivery in Livonia, taking only 30 minutes to reach your location. Moreover, if you are stuck outside, you are locked outside your car with keys inside, the company has its very own locksmith to help you get back into the car. Being a professional company, ARNAZ believes in the safety of its customers. They even have an app for free that can be downloaded on any IOS or Android smartphone. By getting access to their app, you can have multiple discounts and the chance to be their member.


Operating in all 50 states of the US, AAA has no age restrictions when signing their membership form. The company offers three levels of service, with great solutions when it comes to car breakdowns. Their members can discover more services from this company by donating worn-out tires, dead batteries, and unused car parts. Once you have AAA’s card, you can benefit from all kinds of their services without paying any extra fee.


If you are a military household member, then USAA is the best roadside assistance provider for you. The company provides the best flatbed towing service without any extra charges. You can even get your battery jump-starts done with the help of USAA’s professionals.

Just knowing about these companies won’t do you any good. What’s best is that you have any or all of them on speed dial, so they can make it to you in time when the milk turns sour on your next excursion!

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