A Guide To Buying The Right Clean Room Storage Cabinets

If you plan to set up a workstation, what’s the first thing you need to get? Storage cabinets for clean room.! Since you are tasked with the most necessary arrangements to do, you need to look for the right cabinets made from the suitable material. Currently, the best storage cabinets for a clean room are manufactured from stainless steel.

But before you get your shoes on and venture into the market, you need to consider the right gauges, cabinet tops, and is it ideal for painting your item. Let us look into what this blog can tell us.

Types of Stainless Steel

The secret to a clean room lies in having your cabinets that are little to no corrosion rate. A good suggestion is that you have your cabinets made from a nonmagnetic primary alloy named Steel 304. This item works great, as it has a low corrosion rate. You can have a small clean room storage cabinet alongside your computer cart with battery. Also, you can consider the option of having Steel 316 having a higher corrosion level if you are working in the chemical industry. In short, the 300 stainless steel series is ideal for making storage cabinets due to their composition of 15-18% chromium, moreover, having the right hardness and resistance.

Choosing the right gauges

When buying a stainless steel cabinet, it’s elementary that you look for a lower gauge. To determine the thickness of metal, the gauge of a steel cabinet is kept in check. A lower gauge means that the steel is comparatively thicker than the steel with a higher gauge. What this means is, the thicker the metal, the less it is prone to vibrations.

Avoiding Contaminants

Prior to buying the ideal clean room storage cabinet, you must avoid those materials that have contaminants in them. For example, if you buy a painted cabinet, its outing could wear off, causing contamination in your room, leading to a hindrance in your productivity.

Considering the shape of cabinet tops

Most people tend to buy stainless steel cabinets that have flat tops. These buyers fail to realize that a flat surface allows dust and contaminated particles to stay, making the top challenging to clean. However, having a top surface in the shape of a slope is ideal, as it can be cleaned off without any hassle.

Relevant cabinet doors

Lastly, getting the ideal clean room storage cabinet involves selecting the right option for cabinet doors. The market currently has stainless steel and glass variants as popular choices. Going for the glass cabinet doors is a bit risky as the glass can shatter during shipping. On the other hand, the stainless steel alternative has no shattering issues, making it ideal for shipping and freight companies to handle.

If you are up for investing in the right cabinets, go for the stainless steel ones. But before you buy one, make sure that they use premium grade steel and ensure a safe, clean working environment.

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