How to protect your car from sun and weather factors

The auto sunshades provide you a relaxing ride in the back seats of the car away from the unbearable, scorching heat of the sun. Kids, particularly infants, need to be completely shielded from the rays of the sun, and these Buick sunshades prevent them from hitting it directly without obscuring a complete view of the window.

These BMW sunshades may also be left standing on the car to prevent sunlight and the heat it brings. Thus, the UV rays’ entry that heats the car’s interior so much, and these sunshades reduce the interior temperature by many degrees.

Complete parked car security

Car covers are the safest way to shield the vehicle since it is sealed completely fully. For aesthetic reasons, they are not really used, and today it is less likely to find a fully covered vehicle. The vehicle will be protected from dirt, and in many cases, against rain or neighbors who are wetting their carpets, dust.

The car covers are plastic washable, and over time they may experience a slight degradation. It is also able to shield the vehicle from the harmful impact of the sun on the paint. The use of a car shelter eliminates the wear and tear of the protective paint that is so common in cars parked in the sun.

This way, no part of the car cannot be harmed by the heat, offering an interior temperature far more comfortable than a sunny car park. And when the cold comes in, it’s totally isolated from the cold that can be difficult to remove.

Windbreak can prevent the eddies formation

When the window of a moving vehicle is opened, the air reaches into the interior with full force. It will create a powerful current if two windows are opened and strike the occupants intensely. At speeds over 70 km/h, this can be irritating.

In summer, these gush of hot air in our faces makes us feel awful. But the only way to get out of the hot air from the car parked in the sun without security and minimum air conditioner pressure to cool off is to install sunshades.

The problem reverses in winter and spring; it is not the heat that bothers but moisture that causes the window to fog. Opening windows is the only way to eradicate this; however, cold air or rain enters the vehicle.

A wind deflector or windshield is the safest way to prevent these inconveniences when opening the window. An attached door defense behaves like an air shield and strikes and prevents it from pressure. Its position enables us to open the window with air entering with little intensity by entering the air, reducing the sense of cold or heat considerably. Moreover, it also logically protects you from rain by placing it on the sunroof. 

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