Going Beyond the Pandemic 2020: Know This Year’s Award Winning Beers

Well, Well! Things have been quite distant lately, and by distant I mean yeah the “social distancing” stuff. But as the world takes a shot at getting back to life, it is important that we know what kept all those roamers in their four-walls, the nosey couples sane when they had all the hours in each other’s company? Quite a lot of the had a good beer to accompany them and they were happy to share it with their partners!

Considering this we came up with a chance for you to know what beers were crowned the best in American Craft Beer category, know that you gulp down the best peg next time when out at the bar!

Another thing before we enlist the winners, the American craft brewers have surely bewitched the public, because our top three are from the American-Style Amber Lager. 

NW Amber Lager

A premium grade Red Beer, has been a fab in the winning category. Standing at the first position this American-Style Amber Lager has some magic that makes it a fan favorite. Brewed to perfection, it gets a maroonish beer head creating the best looks and obviously that medium sweet taste is the thing that’s gonna set you in the mood if you were locked in your place for a good time!

Altered State

Well with the dark amber color you should be calling it the Altered State, the perfect symphony of taste and color its no surprise that this craft beer topped the rankings with silver award. It is surely the best ones out there. Well, a fun fact: this craft beer is from one of our arc-rivals, the Germans. It is not very common in the US or lets say it “wasn’t” because people have grown a distinguished taste over the pandemic. 


At number 4 we’ve got the Nazi favorite, Marzen. This lager can vary from anything that is pale to amber and dark brown in color depending on how you like it. Originating in Bavaria this beer has made it to the list of top 5 beers that the Americans have loved this pandemic. A great pick though, however this beer may stick to your taste buds for quite sometime.   

Old Jetty

Now this is something not many would list in the category for beers, but they have lately been doing so. When we went out and searched to get you the top 5 beers, many people listed the Old Jetty t be the one they had grown a special liking for. This American beer has suddenly taken to the taste uds of the populous during the pandemic as people had a lot of time to themselves and found it great it to  try to something new.

These were the top 5 beers that people grew fond of during the pandemic, well if you can’t find yours in the list, it may be for the fact that you like something unique.

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