6 Things You Should Be Doing To Maintain Your Motocross Bike

Whether you love it or hate it, maintenance is vital part of owning a motocross bike. If you continuously ignore it, you can come across several issues that can eventually stop your bike completely.

Additionally, buying a motocross bike is a real investment, so it makes sense to take care of its maintenance throughout its ownership. You should be getting it cleaned after a ride and perform all the maintenance tasks if you want to keep it in great shape for a long time.

If you are not sure what you should be doing to keep your bike maintained, don’t worry. In this post we have listed 6 important motocross maintenance items in order to help you stay on track and out of the repair shop.

  1. Get The Bike Clean After A Ride

Since motocross bikes gets all covered in mud, sand and dirt after a day out, it’s becomes all necessary to give them a wash. You might be too tired after a ride and plan on cleaning your bike a time a day or two later but it’s necessary to clean and dry your bike immediately to keep in great shape.

  • Clean The Air Filter

Your bike needs to breathe clean air when you are out on the trail. With a dirty and blocked air filter it won’t be able to give you the performance you need, as sufficient air won’t reach the combustion chamber.

It’s a good practice to clean your air filter after every ride. Wash your air filter with a recommended cleaner and after drying it simply add a good amount of air filter oil to it.

  • Change The Bike Engine Oil

This is perhaps the most essential preventative maintenance you can perform you on your motocross. By changing the bike engine oil you can the internal parts stay cool, while reducing the friction. It also enables your engine to work sharply for longer.

Check your manufacturer’s recommendation on how often you require changing the engine oil and the type of oil you should use. Don’t neglect this task as this can lead to serious engine troubles.

Although motocross bikes suspensions are designed to handle all the beatings on the track but getting them inspected periodically is crucial. In fact, for a good motocross biking experience it’s absolutely crucial to have a suspension that is in a top condition.

Make sure that your suspension is working at its best, as this will help give superior handling, comfort and grip.

  • Maintain Your Tires

Tire maintenance is equally important as other parts of your bike. Having a set of tires in good condition is crucial for your safety every time you hit the track. That’s because a bikes wheel undergoes a tremendous load.

Further, tires tend to loosen up, so you need to have the right tools to tighten them up. If you ignore this, your wheels can fall out of alignment, leaving with bigger issues.

  • Check On The Bike’s Fluid’s

It’s not the dirt bike engine oil that you will have to look at periodically. Keeping a check on the brake fluids and coolant are also important for a safe ride.

Coolant helps to keep things at a normal temperature when motocross bikes heat up. At the same time, checking brake fluid regularly is important as it absorbs moisture, causing its performance to decline.  

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