3 Best Cocktail Bars in Washington DC!

Looking for the best place to hang out with your girls and enjoy a whole night of fun and disaster? The first thing you should do is that you find a nice classy suave bar that can get you all you want in life. We all crave for healthy cocktails that make our heart melt and there is no party on earth that you can enjoy without a few beers and finest Cocktails.

Therefore, we took the liberty to search around the city and find the best cocktail bars in the entire Washington DC. I mean, just by talking about cocktails made me want to have a Pina Colada right now, so we know where my night will be at.

Casta’s Rum Bar

After having a spin around the city, we have found that just like New Your, London, and New Orleans; Washington has developed a love for Cocktail bars. The heart of the country, our capital, has now a lot more to offer than just democrats swaying around.

Casta’s Rum Bar is one of my favorite Cuban style restaurants in the town. It is hard to find a place where you can be comfortable with your friends, a place that has the best food and the best cocktails. Best cocktail bars in Washington are hard to find, but not impossible. I mean, I just love Casta’s Rum Bar and how tasteful their cocktails are. My personal favorites from Casta’s Rum Bar would be their Pina Colada, Ron Collins, and Saoco.


Inspired by New Your City’s Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, Astoria is a beautiful bar to spend your evenings at. Whenever you are feeling a bit low and out for a drag, it is best that you find a nice bar to relax at with your closest friends. We understand that work can sometimes be overwhelming and you might get through a rough day, but there is no greater feeling than having a few drinks with your friends.

If you haven’t visited Astoria’s website, we recommend you do because it’s just too cool. They have a nice little theme, with their menu displayed in purple and all. Moreover, my wife’s favorite cocktail bar in DC is Astoria, because she loves their Blend Melon and Moloko Plus. Another good thing about Astoria is that every single cocktail on their menu only costs $14! So head there right now and enjoy all you want.

Bar Charley

If you are looking for old fashioned martinis and cocktails or a cocktail bar in DC that has an extensive menu offering several drinks – Bar Charley is the one for you. Whenever I am confused about what I am in the mood to drink, I know I’d be heading to Bar Charley.

They have the most variety of drinks when it comes to cocktails and martinis. One of the best cocktail bars near me, Bar Charley has amazing food and an environment that makes you fall in love with the place. Their own special has around more than 20 cocktails, so you know whatever you drink, you’re always going to have a good time at Bar Charley.

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