5 Best Sleeper Semi Trucks Brands

Are you planning to buy a sleeping semi truck? If yes, then you would not want to waste your money in the wrong place. There are hundreds of brands in the truck industry, but you cannot trust all of them.

There are a few brands that are completely reliable and trust-worthy when it comes to providing quality and value for money.

Here are the 6 best truckload companies that offer excellent services.


International is a brand that produces IC bus schools, commercial trucks, step vans, commercial buses, and much more. The Navistar International Corporation in the U.S owns the manufacturers of International. Furthermore, the company also manufactures diesel engines and is a private-label designer.

The company generates annual revenue of about $10.7 billion and its products are sold throughout the U.S. with around 1000 dealer outlets. Check out their store for semi sleeper for sale.


Another big name in the market is Kenworth, which is an American manufacturer of Class 8 trucks. One of the best things about Kenworth is they include a powerful inline six-cylinder engine in their trucks for excellent performance on the roads.

Kenworth generates about 19.1 billion dollars/year in revenue. The company holds a huge share of 14% in the market that makes them stand out from the rest. Shop sleeper truck for sale on their store.


Volvo trucks are the most famous on the roads. With a 10% share in the truck industry, the company produces top-quality and highly efficient class 8 vehicles. The best thing about the company is that they ensure a great experience for truckers on the road.

Volvo has a strong dealership network in the U.S. that helps them to reach their customers. They sell trucks worldwide and holds the same position in the international market.


The next best truck company on the list is the Freightliner, which is one of the best American truck manufacturers. The company is highly known for its top-notch class 8, 5, and 7 diesel trucks.

Freightliner has a great customer base, which can be depicted from the fact that they sell about 190K trucks/year. They hold about 40% share in the market.

The company already excels in manufacturing severe duty, natural gas, on-highway, and medium-duty vehicles. They are soon to introduce all-electric commercial vehicles in the market.


The last one in the list is Peterbilt Motors Company, which specializes in manufacturing heavy-duty and medium-duty trucks. Peterbilt is known for its efficient, highly reliable, and rugged products in the market.

They have a strong customer base due to incredible products and vehicles. They aim to provide value to their customers, so the drivers can get an amazing experience on the road.

They hold 13% of the market share and are loved by many. Check the sleeper trucks for sale on their store.

Trader Trucks for Sale

If you are in search of a beast that can roll on the road without any trouble, then all these brands are the best option for you. In case you are looking for a reliable yet affordable option, then Sleeper Traders is there for you.

Checking the truck thoroughly is extremely important before investing your money in it. Most of the time, the vehicle does not have all the necessary qualities that you are looking for.

Hence, check trader trucks for sale on Sleeper Trader and buy the one that meets your requirements. You can also check in the stores of the above-mentioned brands that offer nothing but quality.

Make sure to invest your money in the right place and in the right truck.

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