Security Plans For Your Company

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You have worked hard for years to be at the position you are. You have put in the labor hours, managed to hire a fantastic team, and got yourself a decent working space. The next step on your to-do list should be securing the digital and physical assets of the company.

Why Should I Care About Security?

You may think you have a small business, and none would be interested in hacking or taking advantage of it. However, it would help if you were not undermining the possible threats that can snatch all your life earning in a matter of seconds.

Securing your company will able you to grow the company on a more consistent basis without stressing over anything. There can be potential threats to the physical location and all to the intellectual property.

Features Of The Plan

A secure company has many measures that it takes to full proof itself. These may include video surveillance, physical security barriers like a security guard, alarm monitoring system, and commercial access control systems.

There is three domain of types of risk for a company:

  1. Physical Risks
  2. Human Risks
  3. Technology Risks

Let’s dive into each type and discuss the remedies.

Physical Risk:

We all understand what physical risks; hazards that can harm the building like explosion or fire. Also, the risks to the company’s employees of being robbed or threatened. We don’t consider protecting the physical assists like the company’s documentation and the location it is stored at.

To look after the physical risk, an alarm monitoring system can be put in place. Smoke detectors and fire alarms can save the building and the employees from an emergency. The alarm monitoring system with the access control system can be set up to safeguard the assets and storage location by restricting unauthorized access and sounding the alarm in case of any fire.

Human Risk

Common human risks include drug abuse by the employees and indulging in fraud. The use of a drug and alcohol in a workplace is detrimental to the company and its employees. These employees should be caught through proper video surveillance and offered therapy by the company.

Avoiding embezzlements and fraud must be dealt with by the company as soon as it is discovered. A proper background check of all the employees should be done before hiring them. Also, strict action should be taken against those involved in the activity, so others may not follow suit.

Technology Risks

A power outage is the most common failure that can disturb the whole business of the company. Standby generators should always be available to keep the company running efficiently. These also include the use of an outdated system, those which can be easily hacked.

To save ourselves from hacking and viruses, proper updating of the enterprise management system and access control system should be done.

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