America’s Favorite Food – Best Burgers in Los Angeles!

When I hear someone talk about food, my mind is automatically thinking of burgers and crazy fast food. Living in Los Angeles has its perks; my favorite perk is the best burgers in the whole world!

Yes, you heard it right, Los Angeles has the best burgers in the world, or better say in America. As Americans, we cannot survive a day without having a cheeseburger or hot dog. That’s why I have decided to list down my favorite Burger Places in Los Angeles. A little burger-guide for the people of Los Angeles.

The more important question is, what makes a burger so unique? For some, it might be the thickness of the patty, it is the gourmet sauce, and for some, it is about how juicy the burger is. In my opinion, there is no definite answer to this question; it just differs from person to person. Every single individual has a preference when it comes to judging a burger. Moreover, there are just some places that get famous due to their atmosphere and taste. They become famous after being approved and recommended by the majority of the people.

Here is our pick for the top five burger joints in Los Angeles!

Manuel’s Burger

The only family-style restaurant in Southern Los Angeles, Manuel’s Burger, is famous for its extensive breakfast menu. Manuel’s Burger has the best deals for cheeseburgers, hamburgers, and just burgers in general. With their 20 years of experience, their taste has not changed a bit for as long as I can remember it. My favorite thing about Manuel’s Burger is that they are very affordable so that you can eat a lot at an affordable price without compromising the taste. They take pride in being the best Mexican and American diner in Los Angeles.

Describing their burger is like having a bite of heaven. The right amount of American cheese, the best sauce, the right amount of juiciness – not too juicy, not too dry, the right size, and the best atmosphere! What else would you ask for in a burger? It is by far my favorite diner in Los Angeles for sure!


Located on 727 N Broadway, Amboy has a unique ring to it. Does it ever occur to you that the presentation of the food matters a lot? The sweet aroma and the golden color of an Amboy burger make it special enough to be included on this list. Taste aside, I love how the burger looks.

Now, let’s talk a bit about how the Amboy burger tastes. I would say that if I am ever driving downtown, it is hard to resist the temptation of this bad-boy. I love how the Amboy burger tastes. The right amount of sauce makes the burger so juicy and so tasty. Another great thing about the Amboy burger is how well-cooked their patties are. Not overcooked, not under cooked – the perfect amount of heat and bam, you have an excellent burger.

Burger 99

When someone asks me to suggest them the most delicate and the most authentic burger in Los Angeles, I always recommend them to have Burger 99. As the name suggests, 99 percent of the people who visit Burger 99 love the taste, and the other 1 percent are just dull duds. Their crispy burgers and soft buns are just a bit of heaven on earth.

The uncertainty of time – they just opened their joint in March, right before the lockdown. However, that hasn’t stopped people from ordering their delicious burgers at home. Certain things take you to the 90s, the simpler times, things which are simple yet exquisite in all its entirety. That is what Burger 99 does to you. Their retro presentation and their simplicity make you wish it was raining, and you’d sit at the windowpane, listening to Lionel Richie rant about his ex and enjoy the taste.

Heavy Handed

As the name suggests, Heavy Handed has the most massive burgers in Los Angeles. For me, it’s a bit of a drag; actually, I wouldn’t say I like loaded burgers. However, there are hundreds and thousands of people who prefer eating loaded burgers. And if you are one of them, there is no better place than Heavy Handed. They have the most massive burgers in Los Angeles, and they don’t just load their burgers with A-class juicy patties; they make sure the taste is not compromised.

I am a big fan of good food and juicy cheeseburgers, and when I tried Heavy Handed, I was astonished by how great it was. I must say it was one Friday evening that I would never forget, not only because of how good the burger was, my good friend Amy, ate so much that she spent an hour puking in the alley.

Plan Check

Oh, that pickle! I’ll tell you all about it, don’t worry. There’s nothing you won’t like on Plan Check’s menu. I took my first bite, and I thanked the Almighty for keeping me alive for this day only. The burger was so good that I spent an entire week in my quarantine ordering food from Plan Check. Not only is Plan Check good for burgers, but it is also suitable for bacon and other delights.

Talking about the exquisite taste of Plan Check, I loved how they kept it plain and simple. They do have other burgers that are loaded with patties, sauces, and whatnot. However, I enjoyed how simple their cheeseburger was and how beautiful it tasted. Their crunchy bun and their simple recipe make you want to eat unlimited burgers. I, for once, thought they were putting something else in their burgers because I became addicted to their taste and aroma.

Plan Check concludes our list of delicious burgers, so if you’re looking for the best burgers in Los Angeles, you know where to find them. Also, if you know a place we might’ve missed, let us know, and we will be more than delighted to review another burger joint! God bless America.

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