4 Everyday Items That Extensively Use Hydraulics

Hydraulic systems are everywhere, even when we don’t know it. Here are four items that extensively use hydraulics.

Car Brakes

Possibly, the brakes on your car are the most critical aspect of the design. If not given the ability to stop, cars become very dangerous. Over time, the way the brakes system function has changed. However, the user sees the same mandatory process – compress the brake pedal to slow down the car. But when the brake pedal is pushed, what actually happens?

The majority of the modern brakes have a device that squeezes a disc or a drum connected to the wheel, thereby slowing the wheel down. However, something is needed to transfer the energy from your foot on the pedal to the wheel.

Years back, cars used cables for braking systems. After pressing the pedal, the cable would be pulled, transferring the energy to the disc or drum attached to the wheels.

Unluckily, these cables often snapped, and they were ultimately replaced with hydraulic brakes. The brakes were activated after the pedals were pressed, thereby changing the pressure of the fluid within the pipe. Hydraulic brakes are not just good at equally distributing the force, but are sturdier as well. This makes them a safer and more reliable means of slowing a car.


The brakes on an aircraft are quite similar to those of a car. Hydraulic fluid carries force from the brake pedal to the wheels, where fiction slows the motion down.

However, airplanes don’t have hydraulics for just the brakes. The flight controls and wing flaps also use hydraulic systems. For larger airplanes, these systems only become more complex.


While certain elevators use ropes to lift the compartment, others use hydraulics.  A hydraulic powered elevator system operates using a pump that moves non-compressible liquid, like oil, from a fluid reservoir into a cylinder using an open valve. The fluid builds up within the cylinder, pushing the inside piston up, thereby allowing the elevator to rise. Hydraulic elevators aren’t just less expensive to install but are also more effective. They can handle larger loads and are much stronger. Hydraulics have afforded higher levels of safety and more capabilities to elevator systems.

However, they do have some drawbacks. They are less energy-efficient and require digging a deep shaft below the building to work.

Shock Absorbers

Running over bumps and potholes in the road makes for an unpleasant ride. However, shock absorbers keep the car from jostling everybody inside. Hydraulic pistons dissipate the bounce motion into heat energy. This diminishing of movement keeps the car level as it navigates uneven road conditions. This results in a more enjoyable, smoother experience for everyone in the car.

The mechanisms of hydraulics offer more stable means of securing important mechanical processes. They are useful, reliable, and adaptable in a number of industries. Everything from office chairs to construction equipment uses at least some form of hydraulics. This is because these systems are simultaneously effective and simple.

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