What is the difference between the Water Wall and the Bubble Wall?

Water walls and bubble walls are becoming extremely famous these days and people often confuse them to be the same thing. Bubble wall and wall water features are different that you can even find by looking at them. Both of them can be called with different names, but if you are getting any one of them for your house, then you must know the difference between them.

Here’s everything you need to know to differentiate between the bubble and the water wall.

Mobile Phone Control

Controlling any device with your mobile phone has become a new cool and the same thing happens with water and bubble wall. Note that, not both of them can be controlled with your mobile phone. You cannot control the water wall with the mobile phone as it comes with a proper tubing device to circulate the water. A bubble wall is different and can be controlled with the help of your phone device. So note that, if you want something that can be easily controlled and does not require much effort, then the bubble wall is the right option for you.


Another difference between wall waterfall and bubble wall is in mounting. Bubble walls can be mounted on walls, but you cannot mount the water wall. Often, water wall trickle, spray, or spill water, which is not done with the bubble wall, so you cannot hang it in your living room. Every bubble wall is different from one another, but one thing remains common, i.e. they can be hanged on the wall. So if you are looking to decorate indoors, then bubble walls will be good for you. However, for outdoor decoration, you can get water walls.

Indoor/Outdoor Use

Bubble walls are for indoor use, while water walls are for outdoor use. Bubble walls are often seen in spas, yoga centers, and meditation places to create a serene and peaceful environment. For some reason, the flowing bubbles pose a positive impact on the mental wellbeing of the person. Water walls cannot fit indoors as they require different functioning and cannot be mounted to places. Water walls are usually huge that cannot be the perfect option for indoors. It’s better to get bubble walls for indoors and water walls for the outdoors for a perfect ambiance.

Bubbling Water Effect

As the title suggests, the bubbling effect is only possible with the bubble walls. In water walls, the water is falling like a fountain, but with bubble walls you can actually see bubbles in the panel. As they are controlled with a mobile phone, so you can decide when to keep them flowing and when to stop it.

Lighting Effect

The lighting effect is only possible with the bubble walls. You can get changing color lights fixed in the bubble panel, but that’s not the case with the water walls. As bubble walls are a panel, you can get them customized, but you cannot get the same luxury with the water wall as well. So, if you are looking for something colorful yet unique, then a bubble panel is what you need.


Adding a new touch to your space is always the best experience, you can get bubble and water panels installed at your house, office, or any other space at the right cost. All you have to do is make sure the service-provider understands your requirements. Although both the walls share some similarities, but still there is a huge difference between them. Make sure to read the article from top to bottom to understand those differences to make a wise decision. Increase your knowledge of unique and attractive walls.

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