Four Tips to Beat Simple Assault Charges in Winnipeg

Assault Charges in Winnipeg

Have you been charged with a simple assault in Winnipeg and feeling disappointed?

Nobody wants to get into situation when they are charged with assault but when emotions heat up its something likely to happen. Simple assault charges often occur in instances of public intoxication, or events of domestic violence when arguing with people living near you.

If you have been charged with simple assault, it’s not easy to beat it. You need to take assistance from Winnipeg assault lawyers who can develop strong strategies to defend your case. More importantly, you need to take the proper steps from stage one of your cases.

Here are the four tips you need to take a look at if you are facing an assault charge in Winnipeg.

1. Exercise Your Right to Remain Silent

You have probably seen police officers saying the words “You have the right remain silence” in dozens of movies. It is not something that is made up, it’s the right that criminal justice system gives people to incriminate themselves in criminal case.

When you’re in custody, refuse to answer any questions and respectfully say you won’t answer anything without a lawyer present. You don’t have to act hostile, just tell the investigating officer you are choosing your right to remain silent. 

2. Contact an Assault Lawyer Immediately

Contacting a lawyer is the single most critical move in the process of protecting yourself against an assault allegation. All the time you spend in custody without a lawyer arguing for your case hurts. Therefore, hiring an assault lawyer Winnipeg is something that you should be doing in the very first place.

The lawyer may know all the technicalities of the law you do not know, and most of all, they may know how to persuade you on agreeing to a plea deal that may sound like your best choice.

3. Know Exactly What Assault Charges You Are Facing

People are often not clear about the assault charges that are put on them. They don’t realize the difference between domestic violence and sexual assault. That means they fail to understand the gravity of the crime they are accused and the serious potential consequences if they are convicted.

Moreover, people even lose some of their rights after they released from prison if they are convicted of an assault. For example, they could be losing their right to vote and their right to own a weapon.

4. Be Honest With Your Lawyer

Assault lawyers Winnipeg are there to help you win your case. That is the reason the lawyer you hire to fight your case needs to know the most accurate information to plan the case properly and have the most effective defense for you.

Give your lawyer an honest, thorough account of what happened and make sure you remain completely honest with your lawyer throughout your assault case proceedings.

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