Can You Seek Pain Management For Diabetic Neuropathy


Diabetic neuropathy is one of the most common complications caused by prolonged poor control of diabetes. It is when high glucose levels damage the structure of the nervous system, causing failures in the transmission of its signals. Diabetic neuropathy can take a long time to mark and is directly related to the years of evolution of poorly controlled diabetes. It can affect any nerve in the body in isolation, with the most frequent occurrence of severe pain – tingling, punctures, burning or causing irritation on the feet, legs, or hands. These discomforts may be accompanied by numbness; you feel that your fingers are “asleep” or “cornered” until you lose touch. And be insensitive to severe temperature changes (heat-cold) or damage caused by a sharp object. 

If you are in this situation, you must check the paralyzed parts of your body to locate and treat in time the appearance of possible ulcers, wounds, or sores. If you think or feel the suffering escalating each day, in any such diabetic condition, you can immediately consult with the doctor for diabetes relief in Layton, Utah. Book your appointment at the pain relief clinic.

Diabetic neuropathy can also affect the muscles of some part of your body in isolation, causing weakness and even paralysis. For example, either of one side of the face or feet, which are the most frequently affected by it. In its most severe indications, it can affect the normal functioning of your digestive system or even the cardiovascular one. It can be witnessed by dizziness, nausea, and vomiting, poor digestion, episodes of constipation or diarrhea, problems urinating, or erectile dysfunction in men.

Pain Management In Ogden, Utah For Diabetic Neuropathy

When your GP is not able to mitigate the discomfort caused by your diabetic neuropathy, it will be time to go to your diabetes relief center.After studying your case, they will offer you other more complete pharmacological treatments with which to control your discomfort.

As per the specialists at pain relief clinic; a change in your daily life and habits will be highly recommended: quitting smoking, reducing alcohol consumption, exercising, controlling blood pressure, and, in general, following a healthy diet will help reduce your symptoms.

Diabetic Neuropathy Affects Different Types Of Nerve Fibers (Sensory, Motor, And Autonomic). The Main Symptoms Are:

  • Loss of perception of painful stimuli, excessive pressures, temperature changes, and proprioception of the foot
  • The weakness of the lower limb musculature
  • Dry feet, leaving skin more fragile and prone to cracking
  • Edemas and vascular strains

If you are seeking long-lasting relief from diabetic neuropathy, you should not waste any time in trying pain management at your nearest pain relief clinic in Utah. 

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