7 Reasons To Invest In Bull Semen


The cost-benefit of a cattle farm is high when buying bull semen. Health, production, reproduction, and management, are some of the benefits that semen producers achieve by acquiring sperm from the bull and then use it through insemination. The use of bull semen in cattle farms is one of the most useful technical innovations for the improvement of the reproductive and productive efficiency of the sector in any region of the country.

Biotechnology has been responsible for the increase in production during the last decades. In the industry where you find Buffalo sperm for sale, the first process had been the artificial insemination (AI). Today we will refer to a variant of it in which you can choose the sex of the offspring, and it is called the sexed sperm. 

What Is Sexed Sperm

Sexed sperm became a reality since 1989, when Johnson and his collaborators used a flow cytometer and to detect differences in the DNA content of the X and Y chromosome of rabbits and were able to separate sperm, since that time it has been applied to most farm species. In bulls, this technique was applied in 2005 in Europe. AI program with sexed sperm began using sperm from the Mediterranean breed. No special precautions were taken for the use of these straws in the AI ​​program on the farm, and only sperm bulls were chosen sexed by its genetic characteristics and milk production.

The first application of sexed sperm was carried in February 2011, and the first breeding was on December 17, 2011, the results at the beginning were not pleasant, having pregnancy rates under 30%. To minimize the variation in the quality of the seminal material, and it was decided to inseminate only bulls. You can find the best quality semen for sale. 

How Does It Work

Before using bull semen on a group of females, it is essential to know the level of fertility the bull semen can offer. It is mainly when the sperm is used in artificial insemination (AI) programs, where a high number of females will be inseminated with their semen preserved. Therefore, the evaluation of reproductive fitness and semen quality, before and after handling for AI(collection, extension and chilled and even frozen and thawed), are of paramount importance. The evaluation requires clinical and laboratory tests. 

Seven Reasons To Invest In Bull Semen

  1. In addition to offering farmers genetic advantages, using bull semen acquired in specialized places will provide benefits to farms in terms of health and economics. 
  2. The purchase and use of semen activity avoid the transmission of diseases of the reproductive tract. 
  3. The genetic quality of the farm is improved by using bull straws with proven superiority in this regard. The farmer will be able to know and manage better by requiring the use of reproductive and productive records and daily or persistent supervision.
  4. It is cheaper to acquire doses of bull semen and invest in the labor necessary for artificial insemination than to keep bulls in operation.
  5. A livestock producer can increase their bull population and with better standards. 
  6. The semen that can be distributed by farms in different geographical locations, whether from one country or one continent, will never be affected by its management or climatic variation.
  7. The cost generated by a livestock producer investing in semen is reflected in the benefit obtained in production, reproduction, health, and management.

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