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Green pond water comes into being with the explosive growth of floating algae in the pond. GreenClean Granular Algaecide is a potent oxidizing agent that helps to break down algae cells present in water on contact.It is a unique, organic compound that immediately begins to fight algae by releasing vital oxygen as it biodegrades in the water. This solution can be used as a preventative or curative treatment for water to make it algae-free. This chemical is formulated without using any toxic chemicals or chlorine. It is safe to use in your aquatic ecosystem (whether saltwater or freshwater).

Greenclean Granular Algaecide

GreenClean Granular Algaecide is specially formulated to prevent the formation of algae in water gardens, ornamental ponds, and other water-based interior or exterior landscapes. It is a non-copper based algaecide, formulated without using any toxic chemicals or chlorine, and thus safe to use in your aquatic ecosystem. It works by releasing high amounts of oxygen when it comes in contact with water, and begins to work just after 60-80 seconds of use.

The growth of algae can do serious damage to your ponds, affecting the quality of aquatic life in them. Algaecides are used as a preventive measure to resist and prevent algae formation in pond water. Below, we mention a few factors that cause algae development and how to stop its further formation.

What causes Algae formation

#1: Excessive Fish in your ponds!
Most people fill their ponds with lots of fish. If this sounds like your situation, then you should immediately lower the amount of aquatic life present or consider using a better water filtration system. An excessive number of aquatic life, and not having a good filtration system can form the perfect scenario for algae development. Consider adding algaecides to your pond water as a preventive measure. 

#2: Environmental conditions
A the start of the spring or in the latter part of fall, there is a sudden change in temperature, significantly increasing the chances of bacterial development in the ponds. Therefore, in such circumstances, consider cleaning your ponds by adding the necessary chemical to it. Greenclean granular algaecide is considered as the best option. It is simple and the most appropriate solution to get rid of microorganism formation in your ponds and other water features.

#3: Accumulation of organic compounds
Ponds that have more dead leaves, muck, fish wastes, sludges have a higher chances of algae formation than ponds that don’t. Algae formation causes the reduction in the number of beneficial micro-organisms present, affecting the water quality. In such circumstances, it is highly recommended to you add necessary algaecides to the water, to prevent the formation of algae and other harmful microorganisms in it.

Want Clear & healthier ponds? Start with enviro SELECTS.

Trust enviro SELECTS for an algae-free pond immediately. We provide the best quality Greenclean granular algaecide, helping you to save yourponds containing plants, fish, and aquatic life, etc. Our GreenClean granular algaecide is reliable, effective, and EPA-approved.  Here are some advantages of enviro SELECTS:

  • Controls formation algae in waterfalls, ponds, streams, waterfalls, and rocks
  • Nontoxic – safe for pets and humans
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Provides immediate results

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