Beer Styles – All you need to Know

Do you love your craft beer? Have you been enchanted by its flavor? But have you sought after the history of that very beer? No, most of us haven’t! Many of us don’t even know the beer hat we’ve been drinking was one experiment that made the inventor shout Eureka! Or if its recipe has been churned with deep care and remain unchanged like a sacred tradition. Anything that’s crafted, needs to have time invested and perfection guaranteed to it, American craft beers are the best in their category. With beer styles crossing some 20 basics ones, which is just a drop out of the ocean of craft beers out there, one is surely under-informed. Craft beer brewing is traditional and had been such until some time ago.

Beer News: the year 2012 marked an explosion for the craft beer brewers. America alone had leapt from just 2000 breweries for craft beer to 8000 as of now. New breweries mean new styles. Have your pegs out as you witness the different craft beer styles


At the beginner level, craft beer drinking is with Lagers. Consider them a small gig before you become a rock star. Low alcohol level and decreased bitterness, it is your warm-up if you’ve just started with beer. They’ve got a malty taste to rescue you from indulging in the strong taste of a high-level craft beer. You just got saved from asking for a “light beer” at the counter, swim like a pro and ask for a lager! Light and consistent, lagers a firm step as you start drinking. 


Somewhere between craft beer-loving and flavor preference, you find India Pale Ales (IPAs). They are a large realm of dizziness with citrus and fruity to strong and bitter. Enriched with fermented herbs and hops they are whole new experience as you move from the lager. You may go for the total citrus flavor or stay between the bitterness and citrus teasing your taste buds. Beer styles further divide with IPAs where they link to the locations such as the British IPA. 

Pale Ale

Just a small hop, with their relatively low alcohol content, pale ales are more related to a larger than any other beer. Craft beer styles falling into the pale ale are certainly easy to drink. They have a malty and light bitter taste. You won’t be off your rockers but have an experience of light dizziness as you gulp the pale ale.

Beer News: American pale ale and English pale ale are most recognized pale ales globally for their mild taste and medium-body.

Stout Beer

The sweeter of the beers is stout. It is a dark-coloured craft beer that would display itself as a bitter potion that would take you into a magical journey. On the contrary it’s a sweet drink which just relaxes you. Any bitterness which its color would display is suppressed with unfermented sugars in it.

Fact Check: Sweet stout beers are a speciality of England and Ireland, where Ireland has better recognition.

Belgian Beer

Belgian adds worth to a beer style, as Belgium has the most recognized on the beer cultures across the world. As it seeps into the United States, Belgian beer styles have led the US craft beers to have stepped up their flavor game. A Belgian style beer would be the perfect definition of “sugar and spice and all things nice”. They are rich in flavor with sweet, spicy and high alcohol content. The fruitiness draws the bitterness to a new low and makes them the best of the beers.They are the basics of the beer styles which one might come across, taste and the area of origin or fame adds to your knowledge of the beer you’re drinking. Retain what you’ve learnt, craft beers are a serious thing to have fun with, so, Welcome to the beer club!

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