Everything You Need To Know About Mesh Fence Panels

Mesh fence is one of the most popular choices of the consumer when it comes to installing a fence around your property. Due to its simplicity, low maintenance and defensive properties, mesh fence panels is a great and popular option. It is also a cheaper fencing choice as well.

If you don’t have a lot of experience with fencing your property with mesh panels, it may feel confusing. Luckily, we have listed all the information you need to know that will help you take more benefits from mesh fence panels.

What Are The Mesh Fences?

Mesh fence is a steel fence made up of electrically welded wire strands to form a high-strength mesh. They are available in two forms; rigid mesh and rolled mesh. They are also referred to as welded wire fence, a utility fence or general-purpose fence. They are similar to chain link fences but, more popular as they are harder to climb and more strong, thus providing more security.

How is the pattern created?

Mesh fences are patterned in rectangular or square spaces by layering wire in simple vertical and horizontal patterns and welding them. The wires won’t separate from each other thus, providing additional strength and maintaining the integrity of the fence. 

It’s hard to cut through the wires and gnaw through when it comes to protecting your land from pests and rodents due to its rigid structure.

What are the uses of mesh fence panels?

Mesh fence manufacturers have expanded the use of these to government-owned properties which include installation near national borders, park reserves, and prisons. These fences have become the preferred demarcation system throughout the UK, Europe, and Australia over the past 30 years.

Welded wire fences are ideal for the safety of the commercial property as the need of partial visibility is desirable along with keeping the perimeter safe. Many of the residential owners use welded wire fencing to mark their property lines and keep animals from wandering.

What Are The Finishes Of Mesh Fences?

There are several finishes of mesh fence panels apart from paint or spray paint. They provide more finishing touches and protection without losing its aesthetic value.

One of the most popular finish is “Powder coating”. Free-flowing dry powder is applied electrostatically and then heated under pressure to form a stronger polymer in which it melts. A powder finish coating is stronger and harder than a paint coating. It comes in different color variety making it a good opportunity to design and match your fences with your assets. The shades vary from grass green to blue dust.

Coating “Stainless steel” is another standard finish. It is often done to prevent corrosion and staining. Without entering the underlying material, stainless steel can easily reduce acids with its chromium, molybdenum, and carbon content. It has a strong luster and is very low maintenance making it a very popular choice for a mesh fence finish.The “galvanized finish” is another common finish for welded wire fences. It is a process where zinc is applied to the fences to prevent rusting. Hot-dipping is the most common method of galvanization that just implies that the wire mesh is dipped into molten zinc. Galvanizing your fence will protect the wire mesh in numerous ways, including shielding the steel from corrosive materials and corroding zinc before the iron.

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