We all think that spending money on clothes in which you are going to sweat is useless, but spending some dollars on your workout attire can save you from many adverse consequences. When it comes to sports bra at the workout, most of the women are not in favor of wearing them as workout attire especially ones with flattened breasts, as they think that it is useless and they don’t require a sports bra. A sports bra not only helps us to hold our chest intact but also saves our muscles from stiffness. Moreover, they keep you away from any back pain. Like any other sports apparel, a sports bra should also be an integral part o your outfit.

The reason for not wearing sports bra firstly they are expensive and secondly we have in our minds that they might be not necessary to wear during a workout. Consequences of permanently not wearing a sports bra during workouts are many, as our breasts are external organs that are attached to our body employing skin and few ligaments. So when your body bounces back and fro or up and down movements can cause connective tissues of the breast to damage, resulting in severe pain which may radiate towards arms and back. Moreover, shape of your breast may also go out as without any support breast may lose its integrity resulting in stretch marks and sagging of breasts.

Wearing a regular bra has not shown beneficial impacts, especially when you are involved in a workout that requires your body to bounce several times. Then the question arises what type of bra we should wear? There are two types of sports bras:

  • Compression
  • Encapsulation

Compression sports bra compresses breasts towards your chest. It is not suitable for women who have flat or smaller breasts but good for one with standard or medium breast size. Whereas, encapsulation sports bra surrounds your every breast individually, which may help you when you are doing a harder workout. It is suitable for every breast type, and it has more significant results than a compression sports bra. While the combination of both compression and encapsulation women bras are also available in the more efficient market.

Rather than avoiding a sports bra, try to learn tips about buying the right sports bra and learn bra-washing tricks to wear them daily. Another essential aspect to know about sports bra is its quality of sweat-wicking. This quality is necessary as during workout constant sweating can cause irritation and can lose your focus from working out.

Without perfect working shoes, you cannot carry out your workout similarly without a sports bra. Your breast cannot remain healthy. They may tender, sag, and leave stretch marks on the skin. So try wearing a women sports bra and make a habit of wearing it during whatever sort of work out you are doing because while shaping your body to better tone you may do not want your breast to lose their shape and become saggy and odd in appearance.

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